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Hypnosis To Improve Golf Game

By November 1, 2016Blog

Hypnosis To Improve Golf Game

For Peak Performance — Learn to Be in the “Zone”! Golfer doing better because of hypnosis

In his book Extraordinary Golf, Fred Shoemaker wrote “There is one basic principle in the Culture of Golfers, and it is this: There is something wrong with my game, and I must fix it.” He goes on to write “The new culture says this: There is something going on in my golf swing and I must be aware of it. And the best way to become aware of what you’re doing is not to fix it . . . just leave it alone for awhile, stop changing it, and simply take a look at what’s there.”

This idea is similar to an old Chinese principle of wu-wei, or “spontaneous action.“ This state integrates the body, mind, and emotions, and is similar to the psychological idea of “flow.”

The HeartMath Institute has discovered that we can enter this zone of Peak Performance by synchronizing our heartbeat and breathing. They call this a state of Coherence. Their techniques optimize the signals sent by our autonomic nervous system from our hearts to our brains.

I use HeartMath technology to train my clients how to use their bodies to enter this zone, where they can perform effortlessly, in sports, at work, or at home. The HeartMath Quick Coherence technique and Freeze-Framer software are easy to use and very effective in teaching how to maximize our abilities.

Call us anytime at (727) 200-8164 and we’ll tell you more about getting in the zone.

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