Professional and amateur athletes use hypnosis to “Improve Sports performance” and create confidence. Tiger Woods is just one of many professional athletes to use hypnosis and you can use it too.

Improve Sports Performance performance

Here’s how sports hypnosis can help you Improve Sports Performance performance.

Hypnosis has been used for years to help athletes increase their strength and endurance. Maybe you’ve experienced the sudden burst of speed needed keep from being hit by a car. Do you remember the stories about someone moving an extremely heavy object to save someone life. This is great example of what your capibilities really are. 

Peak performance and good habits are available to you, if you can learn to master the body mind connection. These are are available to you with hypnosis. Hypnosis is the well kept secret of many star athletes. i.e. Michael Jordan.

Long distance runners must tap into extraordinary reserves needed to go past overwhelming pain and exhaustion experienced in long distance races. Hypnosis makes this possible by being able to activate this mind – body principle. 

How hypnosis Helps Your Sports Performance

  • Hypnosis helps Improve Sports Performance when you begin to visualize performing at new levels. You’ll experience new strength and endurance and to achieve new levels of performance.
  • Brian Lynch can help you find the motivation needed to work out and train at your sport. You’ll begin losing unneeded weight or lifting heavier weights.
  • Sports Hypnosis is one of the only real edges in sports that’s Legal.
  • There are two games being played in sports, the physical game that everyone can see and the game in your head.
  • Many times the game in your head is actually harder to overcome than the physical game people are watching you perform.
  • Hypnosis can create untapped confidence.  You’ll also change your beliefs and feelings about your physical game performance. It’s a great example of “As you think, so you become”.

    Performance: It’s All In Your Head!

  • After Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954, athletes everywhere began breaking the four minute barrier. This had been considered impossible and was drummed into all sprinters unconscious expectations. Rodger banisters sub 4 minute mile still stands as an example of how unconscious minds can overcome physical limitations.
  • Brian Lynch’s experience in Sports hypnosis works on your “inner game”. You’ll leann to eliminate any negative thoughts that are keeping you from performing at new levels.
  • Boxers talk about “the yips” which can manifest itself in a fear of losing or losing abilities which were once habits. Hypnosis helps the vicious cycle before it begins, by visualizing yourself in control. This is also very common in golfers and tennis players.
    Using Hypnosis, visualization can be used to remember your best game and best performances.  Only then will you bring these positive thoughts to your current game.
  • Sports hypnosis helps by creating mental focus. Sport and hypnosis are both about focusing your attention. Sports are a physical experience that is easy to imagine.  Changes are immediately obvious, because it responds very well to positive visualization.
  • Sports hypnosis can improve your physical performance. It can’t turn you into a world champion in a short amount of time. You still need hours of practice and training in order to be at the top of your game.

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