You can lose weight using Hypnosis. Brian Lynch is a Certified Hypnotherapist, with offices in Clearwater Fl. Bryan had clients all over Tampa Bay.   

Bryan Lynch Lose Weight Using Hypnosis

          Brian Lynch

 If you’re like many people you’ve tried crash diets, you’ve tried dangerous drugs and the latest appetite suppressants. Brian Lynch can help you. Hypnosis is a time proven way to lose weight and Bryan will help you to develop and enjoy good eating habits, while looking forward to exercising.  

Hypnosis will awaken your own self control.

  1. You already have the inner resources to learn and enjoy better eating habits.
  2. You’ll be able to lose weight without fad diets, or eating expensive processed food, from weight-control companies.
  3. You also won’t feel constantly feeling hungry or suffering from cravings.

Lose Weight Using Hypnosis Works; Here’s Why

Hypnosis will help you re-learn good eating habits, including the types and quantity of food you eat.

  1. Many times you eat because you’re stressed or feeling depressed and eating makes you feel better.
  2. Bad eating habits are hard to break and that’s where Hypnosis will help you stop eating automatically.
  3. You’ll stop thinking about how the food tastes or how much you’re eating, even when you’re not hungry.

Bryan Lynch has developed a unique eight-week program, that will allow you learn to focus on paying more attention to your food choices, while developing the habit to stop eating when you should.

Gaining weight is done over a period of time for different reasons, so it will take time to get back to your correct weight. Brian’s weight loss program using Hypnosis, is not a crash diet that promises you’ll lose a lot of weight in a short time.

If you lose weight using Hypnosis, you’ll develop good eating habits. You’ll use these good habits for the rest of your life, to easily maintain your ideal weight and body shape.

Surgery Can Be A Dangerous Choice For Losing Weight; Here’s Why

One way to lose weight without dieting, is with surgery using a silicon band tied around the top of your stomach.

  1. This un-natural method makes your stomach so small that it restricts the amount of food you can eat.
  2. This is not a good alternative, because it’s introducing an an-natural method of digesting into your body.
  3. Tying a knot around your stomach is very expensive surgery and can be medically risky.

If you’d like to avoid a painful and time consuming surgery and yo-yo dieting?


Brian Lynch Hypnotherapy will unlock the untapped power of your own mind, to hypnotically install a (VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND) to allow you to take control of your eating habits now. 

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