Pain relief from hypnosisScientific studies have shown that we are all living with more stress than ever before. Much of it is caused by the technology that connects us to our friends, family, and workplace, but also pulls our attention in many directions at once. Our brains and bodies are not designed for this, and we pay a serious physical price to be instantly connected.

People who grew up in the pre-digital age (including me) experienced stress, but a different kind, at a different level. In the past, when we concentrated on either a negative or positive experience, we were only interrupted occasionally by other people or phone calls.

Today, our thoughts and actions are interrupted minute-by-minute by Instant Messages, text messages, phones calls, and emails, in addition to other people walking up to our house or into our offices. And the interruptions are always with us because now they are coming over the cell phones and tablets we carry with us everywhere!

These stress levels make other issues like smoking, unhealthy eating habits, and pain management worse. The stress also affects students learning in schools and people working at their jobs.

Because handling stress is so important in resolving other major issues, I teach stress management in some form to all my clients. Learning how to find peace in a hectic world is the key to happiness and success.

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