Stop Smoking in ONE Session!

with Brian Lynch Hypnotherapy

Use the power of your own mind to break your smoking habit quickly and easily.

why work with ME?

98% of My Clients Stop Smoking - After Only ONE Session!

Remote Sessions in Your Home

We can connect online by computer for a safe and effective session at a time convenient for you.

Flexible Hours

I meet my clients by appointment, so I am usually available between 10 AM and 6 PM every day. Later evening appointments by arrangement.

Free Consultation & Follow-up Sessions

I like to explain my process to my clients so they know how easy my process is. I can answer any questions and make sure they meet the one requirement: a sincere desire to quit smoking!

about ME

I use my experience to create yours

I've studied with the most influential Hypnotherapists around the world to learn and use effective techniques that can solve the difficult problems of smoking and weight gain.

My clients learn to use their natural mental states to control and change their emotions and mistaken beliefs that cause these bad habits.

They realize that what seemed so difficult before can be made easy. They don't even have to think about the problem because their subconscious minds are now working WITH them instead of working against them!

Once we get our subconscious minds to support our goals, we realize the truth told by Henry Ford: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right!"

every session is customized

Your Session is Uniquely Designed for You

Our subconscious minds have one primary purpose - to protect us. When we start smoking, we have to convince this mind that smoking is GOOD for us!

I ask my clients a few questions about their smoking habits that tell me how they convinced their subconscious minds that smoking helps them.

Then I design a program for each person that tells their subconscious mind that there is a better way to help, and that gets the mind to support their desire to quit. without cravings. After that, it's easy because the mind uses its power to achieve that goal of quitting permanently and easily.


What my clients say about me

I went to Brian in 2017 and have not smoked anything since. I smoked about a pack a day for many years.

Jerry Bussey

I was a 38 year smoker, and smoked a pack a day average. I was convinced I could never quit because I truly enjoyed it.. I knew though for health reasons I should stop playing russian roulette and try to quit. I have been unsuccessful in the past with Chantix, patches, gums, etc I tried them all..I found Brian on the internet and unlike others who said it would take several sessions, he claimed it would only take one to make me quit. I was both skeptical, and intrigued .
It worked! I have been smoke free for 7 months now, which is truly a miracle! No gum or patch, cold turkey! I can't say I crave them anymore, but at times I think I would like to have one, but I take a breath. remind myself why I quit, and it passes, every time! Thank you Brian for helping me change my life.

Kimberly Cark

I saw Brian to stop smoking. I've been a 30+ year smoker and have tried everything but hypnotherapy. 32 hours later I've still not started back up! The real test was the "wake up and blindly reach for them" moment, and it wasn't until I was awake for 20 mins that I realized I didn't do that. Thank you Brian for making what I never thought possible: my new reality.

Ally Ward

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